A unique indie TCG/RPG/MMO for iOS, Android and Windows

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Requia Online

a unique indie trading card role playing game (TCG/RPG/MMO) with realtime combat for iOS, Android and Windows based on the fantasy novels Requia.


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Action-oriented real time combat system


Create a deck from over 200 ability cards like attacks, magic attacks, buffs, debuffs, or fellows and fight against your enemies in intense real time battles.

Combining trading card- and role playing game


Enter the world of Requia, conquer the ancient planet Aurelis and solve countless of quests on your road to fame and glory. Choose the role of a fighter, paladin, magician or whatever you like. Only your equipment cards and your deck determines your role in the game.

Dynamic spawn and resource system


Beat rare monsters or collect ancient chests, before someone else does. Collect different resource cards online or offline in order to craft valuable equipment- and item cards.

Comprehensive crafting system


Craft your own equipment- and item cards in 6 different crafting classes.

Secure trading system (Face2Face)


Secured by a sophisticated barcode system, the trade is only possible from mobile phone to mobile phone and enables the secure trade between friends, while making it hard for the 3rd party market, like china farmers, to succeed.

Arena, duells and co-op


Challenge your friends to exciting pvp duells or fight with them together against mighty creatures.

Visit the arena and fight for glory and honor in the leagues.



Double cards – yes? Raise them to the next level by enchanting them together.
Double cards – no? Craft your own copies and use them through enchanting.



Collect all kind of different cards (ability-, item-, equipment-, monster-, resource- and recipe cards) in your knowledge base in order to keep track. Higher knowledge with monsters provides you with additional advantages in battle.

Tamaree – Capital City of Taresh – Starting point in game.

No Pay2Win

Includes several mechanics in order to prevent Pay2Win.

Multi-Device Support

Supports iOS, Android and Windows. You can always switch between those devices.

Highscores and rankings

Achieve your best times when fighting against monsters and immortalise yourself in our high-score or join the arena and move up the ladder.


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You want to know more?

Do not hesitate to get part of our Community – We are happy to hear from you!

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