Taresh I

Taresh I

While the year has passed the work on Requia Online resumed at full speed. The first card pack of our starting Area Taresh (Taresh I) is finalised and the first equipement cards of this area are done.

So this time I want to give you a little insight about our glorious cards. As mentioned earlier, the cards will be available in 2 versions. A small one with its most important informations shown via icons – and the large one in its full size as you are used to from traditional trading card games. I hope you can already see that we put alot of effort into the balance and the design of each single card.

The starting area of Taresh does not house any magical abilities, so the ability cards can be used directly (without the need for an element) or they require “Force” – the physical pendat of the other 6 elements. Once you can travel to other areas, you will start to see magical abilities as well. As we know from the storyline – each race is tied to a element.

Enough said, now you can view a tiny summary of the first ability and equipment cards of Taresh.

Wall of cards

In this sense I can only hope that everyone of you had a peaceful and spellbinding christmas and started well into the new year.

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