From alpha to beta, from concepts to a game…

Another 2 months have passed and while spring is slowly becoming Lord over our country, the final and exciting phase has started in order to create a final game from all the countless individual building blocks of an online game.

The end of alpha is almost reached and all the features are now completed and being tested. Those must now be carefully combined in order to make it a finished game. So monsters have to be created, resources and treasures needs to be distributed, quests are forged, tutorials will simplify the entry into the game and the world is slowly getting alive.

For me this means now, that no more features will be added and that the existing “construction kit” will be the base for the first areas of the game.

Anyway, in the last few months, I have been working hard on various features of RO, which I will present in detail with the opening of the official forum in the next few weeks. That’s where you can ask your questions and hopefully discuss eagerly with us about RO.

At last a small summary from the development of RO and what has been happening in the last months.

Tamraee Old
Tamraee old (alpha)
Tamaree new (beta)

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