Bits and Bytes come alive…

Another 2 month have passed since my last news, but I didn’t wanted to bore you with details from the last weeks. So I decided to wait until I can show off something new.

The development of the game is slowly taking shape and I decided to skip the internal alpha version altogether. Once ready, the game will move directly into an early internal beta test. This decision has been made due to the fact that I have already put a lot of polishing and testing into the game during its early stages (e.g. making sure it runs on different devices with all kind of different aspect ratios etc.) so that I can be sure that it will run smooth enough for its first beta launch.

Finally I have prepared a short video, where for the first time you can see the basic UI in action.  You will get a very short insight into the opening of card packs, the enchantment of cards, creating card decks and more…

I hope you can see that I have put a lot of love into the smoothness of the game. Sound FX are not implemented yet.

All shown features are fully implemented and controlled by the authoritative server (don’t give a chance to  cheaters!) which forms the basis for Requia Online.

The cards shown here are early test examples. Within the next few weeks I will finalise our initial card pack “Taresh I” and implement the combat system, so that I can start preparing the launch of the beta.

Till then I wish you happy eastern.

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