Cards, cards and cards…

The second summer has started and it has been now over a year since the beginnings of Requia Online. Yet there is still no holiday in sight 🙂

The 3rd book from Olivia Mae is almost done and seeking its way to you, while I am going through a never-ending pile of work.  However, a lot has happened and the game is growing rapidly each day in form and depth.

In the last weeks we have completed the whole set of collectible ability cards. Sounds not so impressive – it is (!).


Plop and Blub



As many as 157 cards have found its way into the provisionally final Taresh I Card set of the release version of RO, which is divided into the following categories:

15 force/element cards
14 attacks
31 buffs
25 debuffs
42 spells
30 summons

All cards are finished in its initial version. Graphic and art, texts, attributes, values, upgrade possibilities and abilities have been assigned and everything is roughly balanced.

In order to get a clue, why this is truly amazing… here a few facts:

Over 6700 lines of text are contained within the document which describes all META informations of each individual card (!!).
Over 200 MB of compressed data are used for rendering all of the cards.
Over 120 Icons were created in order to display the short information’s of the small versions of the cards.

In addition, there are countless more equipment cards, which are almost done too, so you can enhance your character.

Most of the abilities and effects are already implemented within the combat system too. In the coming weeks I will finish this system so that all different cards and their ability can be tested and are working as expected.

As you can see, there is still a lot of work to be done… but quality has its price.

Furthermore, we will announce the opening of our official forum about Requia Online in the not too distant future. So, you will finally be able to talk with others and us about RO.

We can hardly wait to welcome you there… have a relaxing summer and beautiful vacations!

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