Development status…

19 months have passed, since the early beginnings of requia online. Meanwhile it evolved from a basic concept, a book novel series and a simple card game to a true MMO TCG/RPG game. It’s not done yet and it will still take some time, but what used game company Blizzard to say: “It’s done when it’s done”.

In the last weeks the combat system was undergoing major growth. The first monster (a rat) from the tutorial is dead, loot was distributed, and the first balancing tests showed great results. All in all, I can’t wait to fit all those small puzzle parts thoroughly together to make it a complete game.

Even though I have many more features already planned for RO, I can’t put them all in the first version. The game really wants to get released as soon as possible 🙂

However, from now on you will be able to track the development of the game by yourself. I created a rough progress diagram for the upcoming first public beta version – which will be refreshed monthly on the entry page.

Current progress
Version 2019.1

Network / Server / Infrastructure
Device optimization iOS/Android/Tablets
Cheat detection & prevention
Testing / Polishing

**scheduled for version 2019.2

Basic game features
Combat system
Music & SoundFX
Tutorial and Quests
Card design & functionality

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