Development plan

The game has already been launched in the german apple store and google play store for iOS and Android. We are now live since 13th of March and the game is progressing great. We had no major issues during launch and there were only around 18 minutes of server maintenance in total ๐Ÿ‘ We are currently working on creating a better onboarding experience together with an easier tutorial in order to open up for a wider audience.

The english version is still on track and should be ready within the upcoming months. The interface is already 100% in english, but the quests and story lines as well as card texts are german only. Once they have been translated to english, the game will be available in app stores around the world.

For now we are focusing on modern machine learning translations as this is the only affordable way in order to provide reasonable translation quality without the high costs of manual translations. Also this will make sure that we can provide the english version on time.

So stay tuned!

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