The trade


Merry christmas Requians!

I hope you had a merry christmas and you are enjoying your holidays. At least I am using the vacataion in order to work on RO even more.

A few days ago, I was able to finish another unique feature that allows the exchange of cards with other players. Especially since trading is a core feature of any trading card game.

In my past as a player, I always saw that one of the biggest problems relied in free trading, as it strongly encouraged the third-party market (Farmer, bots…) and players were able to buy items and others unfair benefits with real money in order to get an advantage. Today almost every larger online game is affected by this problem and there are only very few suppliers who have done something effectively against it. In most cases, their measures also led to enormous restrictions in gaming fun.

In Requia Online, it will be like that so you can only trade from face to face. That means you can trade cards and coins with your friends without problems – as used to in a trading card game – but just from face to face. This is realised by a sophisticated system. Thus, the basic principle of a trading card game is encouraged while at the same time putting more value on social interaction and making it a lot harder to buy from illegal third party markets.

I hope you find this idea as great as I do, and you are already looking forward to trade with your fellows.

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