Stat effects and more…

Today I want to give you a little insight into the status effects of RO. As you may already know from RPGs or MMOs, there will be many different status effects in RO too which you can use to control your opponents or get controlled by them.
Many of these effects like sleep, stun, shock, blind, frost, silence, bleeding, poison and many more are also available in RO. All with their unique animations and influence.
Each effect will have its own icon to distinguish them on small devices like mobiles.
For example, effects like blind let your cards turn around or effects like frost will freeze your cards and let them move slowly… stun won’t let you act anymore and shock brings all your cards in disorder… of course there are also other effects which just increase or decrease your basic attributes, or they can strengthen or weaken your fellows. 80% of effects from the first card deck (which now houses 186 cards) are already fully integrated and functional in the game and there are only a few left until the combat is completed and we can finally proceed to the world and tutorials.
With the opening of our forum, I will also post a small F.A.Q. – by revealing the most common questions about RO and its gameplay.
Till then, I wish you all a wonderful and beautiful pre Christmas season.

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